Diwali is, indeed, a festival of lights but it is also a festival full of lessons beyond the celebration of the victory of good over evil and beyond the celebration of the honecoming of Ram, Lakshman and Sita after the defeat of Ravan. It is still full of lessons to learn beyond religion (if you are an atheist like me).


It takes patience to let the flame of the candle be transferred to the unlit diya. It takes optimism to persevere in the attempt to lit the diya again after the strong wind blows it off repeatedly.

It takes hard work and love for art and creativity to make a beautiful rangoli. It also involves risk-taking when we try to make new and meaningful patterns as rangoli, as I do always. This time I made the symbol of Shiv and Shakti, which may not be comprehensive to all.

The batti of the diyas which are lit show that sometimes, you might not even be very noticeable and will be taken for granted, even after you burn yourself up and in return, only the diyas will be called the lightworkers and beautiful yet if the battis are not there, the diyas and oil will be worthless. The battis are like those persons in our libes which light up our paths but sometimes, they are the ones who have to burn throughout the journey. 

The oil is the fuel of the diya. Just like the batti, it is an inseparable part of the process of keep the diya burning and preventing the batti from burning all at once. It is only due to the oil that the flame in the batti lasts long. It is the strength of the diya and batti, if all three are taken as a team. It is like that member of the group which is uncredited for and often forgotten yet its presence makes everything work and its absence can stop the work before starting.

Diwali is certainly about diyas, candles, lights, rangoli and meeting people but it also attaches many lessons with itself beyond the importance of maintaining relationships and culture and beyond eating dry fruits and sweets. It is certainly a festival of lights but it is also a festival of lessons.

A Festival Of Lessons

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