All of us live in a combined world. This world consists of multiple worlds. It is as multi-faceted as we are. We live multiple lives. We have our own world—each one of us. This world constitutes all of these worlds together in its geography.


Some of us see the world as a gloomy, dark place. Some see it as a closet full of mysterious and interesting experiences and opportunities, what we prefer to call adventure. Some don’t hold any opinion. They are existing because they are alive and that’s it. Some mould their opinions according to other people’s opinions.

Some see the world and everything in it as their responsibility, especially saving the environment. Some consider Earth as a mother and the world as their home and are protective towards it.

Inside this world and many lives of creatures that it becomes a home to, humans live many lives. For some, their passion is their world. Others see world as something full of enjoyment. Each human has her own world in which she lives her life.

We can’t say which one of us has the truest world. The world, in my perception, is about perception of the perciever which obviously, is affected slightly or mostly by the experiences they have had with the kinds of people they have met and the places they have been to.

A World Of Worlds

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