I am in pain right now. Everything that I feel is very painful. Don’t tell me to just move on or that it happens. Of course, it does but as obvious as such circumstances are, as obvious is my feeling of pain in response to them. So, let me feel it. 


I don’t want to know what you would do in this situation. I know what you will say. You will ask and encourage me to repress my feelings by saying things like ‘let it be’ and ‘move on’, won’t you? 

Who are you trying to fool? Do you really believe that I don’t understand that you are trying to escape the confrontation of your guilts and problems?

Maybe, just try to sit beside me as a compassionate human being while I try to understand and resolve the chaos in me. Let me sort out my pain in as much time as it takes. Maybe, try to leave your judgement behind before you talk to me.

Your ignorance adds more to the guilt, shame, burden and of couse pain that I am already dealing with. Don’t pile up more in the issues while I am trying to deal with the existing. Maybe, just be human and listen or just be and if you can’t, peacefully leave without passing any unnecessary remarks on my situation. Keep your perspectives to yourself please. Behave as a human yourself and let me be human too.


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