I am a mess, really.

If you ask something from me,

maybe I know everything exactly

or I don’t know anything precisely.


I think of two thoughts

at the same time parallely.

Sometimes, there is a crowd of thoughts

which makes me lose my sense of clarity.


I am unable to comprehend

how am I mostly able to manage

talking while thinking simultaneously

since it makes me incapable

to carry out the rest of my activities

where I need to respond intellectually. 

To me, clearly, my mind is a mystery.


So, don’t pose questions,

don’t ask anything

about my plans, my life or me

or that I am heading towards which direction. 

I don’t know. 

I am just going with the flow

until it all starts to make some sense.

Maybe, I am trying to validate my presence.

Right now,

not just my mind but I, completely, 

am a mess.

I Am A Mess

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