Set me free. 

Blow me away with the breeze.

Break the shackles that you have build

and which are suffocating

my breath by being all around me. 


I can’t breathe. 

Can’t you see? 

Do not speak. 

Let me be at ease. 


Just let me be. 

Keep your opinions and rules

limited to yourself, please. 

Don’t weigh my already burdened soul

with your toxic beliefs. 


You are unable to

truly be you.

Though, I am not the one to be blamed

for the same.

So, don’t make me feel ashamed

for being me, unnecessarily.


Don’t try to drag

me back

to my past 

because you are

stuck in yours.

Don’t be the source

of my triggers, 

pain and flashbacks. 


If you yourself can’t,

at least, let me heal

and move forward

towards a new beginning. 

Just let me be. 



Just Let Me Be

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