I have a lot in my mind but I can’t write it out or point it out, even that what exactly is it. Many thoughts are going on in my mind simultaneously.  


I am thinking about my walk. I am thinking about writing a blog. I am thinking about my sore throat. I am thinking about my personal and professional goals. I am thinking about the toxicity spread by many members of my family. I am thinking about the movie, Dear Zindagi. As always, I am missing my nana ji. I am writing this blog with utmost honesty, as and what I am thinking simultaneously. 

I am thinking about my Music class and the positivity spread by my guru there, about my classmates who always have a lot of new information and news to share. 

I am thinking what I am doing right now. I am thinking about what am I thinking right now. I am thinking about finishing my deadline of today and the time left to meet it, which is merely 30 minutes. I am thinking as I am feeling derealised.

I am thinking if all of this is a dream and what if some time I realise that it is? What would I do? Would I laugh or would I scream? Would it be life or death? I don’t know exactly what I am saying. I am writing it down and then understanding what is it that is going on in my mind at this very moment. 

I am thinking about how to finish this blog which it will anyway. Maybe, I should just bid you good night after so much of seemingly useless talking at the end of the day. So, see you tomorrow, maybe. I think I will sign off now for today.



What’s On My Mind?

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