People praise hiding pain and faking happiness which, in my opinion, is very weak and very wrong. It just makes the person confused and hollow from inside, nothing else.


Like all other emotions, pain demands to be felt and it should be. Feelings make us human. You should not wait to reach the ends to seek help. Don’t just act to be put together while screaming inside.

Above all, ignoring emotions don’t let them go away altogether. They still reside within you, piling up one above the other, creating a active volcano and waiting for the volcano to erupt. Not expressing pain is not the ideal functioning of your body and malfunctioning causes many long-term problems and disorders such as mood disorders like anxiety and depression. So, providing an outlet to your emotions is crucial. 

Pain is the most important expression that should receive an outlet because if not, it will harm the development of all the other emotions that you possess. Not expressing it can cause emotional dysfunction. You will be afraid or be restrained from being truly happy.

So, it is better to let yourself grieve or be angry when you feel like. If you can actually calm yourself down in body and mind, only then should you avoid going further to express your anger or pain. Just don’t let it reside inside you. Hiding pain doesn’t make you strong. It makes you weak and your soul hollow.


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