There stands a building. 

I walk ahead and close

to her and ask, “Aren’t you bored

of the monotony?” 

She says to me,

answering my call,

“Not at all”.


I say, “There is not much variety

in the scenes you see daily.” 

She says “The variant

people I see

are my source of entertainment.”


She says as she stands high, 

“I watch everything with my eyes. 

What happens below, I witness from the top—

people who business,

some others who mop

and some stopping by

to buy things from the shop

that daily operates nearby.”


I ask, “But there is nothing to learn.

Is there even any fun

in having to stand static

at one place, sans chimney or attic?”


She says, “Who says

that there is nothing to learn? 

I have learnt about the transient

nature of human.

Each behaves according

to his or her experience.”


I affirm, “Indeed.

Most of us contact each other

only when in need

but it is also true

that there are many issues

with which we have to deal

and with which we are constantly bothered.”


So, I bid her adieu

and she replies, “Hope to see you.”

I headed towards where I was

meant to go after saying, “Adios.”

Building A Conversation

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