The journey of life mostly comprises of the juggle of the wrong and right. Mostly, we are in a state of imbalance and this imbalance ruins almost everything that comes its way. 


At times, wrong person enters our life at the very right time and we think that ‘he or she is our perfect partner’. Later, we realise how damaging he or she is. At other times, the person is perfect in all senses for us but that person enters in our life when everything is in such a mess in and out of our minds that he or she suffers for the chaos that was already created by someone who destroyed everything before they entered. 

Sometimes, we say the wrong things to the right person at the right time. At other times, we say the right things to the wrong person at the right time. Similarly, we say the right thing to the right person at the wrong time.

Sometimes, we leak out the right information to the wrong person and that person turns out to be very toxic or threatening later. At times, we take the wrong decision for our future at the right time or act on the right decision at the wrong time or maybe, we share the right decision at the right time with the wrong person which hinders us from carrying out our work or forces us to discard our decision altogether. 

In every case, the result is damage in various intensities—of energy (mental, physical, emotional) or time. We cannot really control all of these. We have to trust, even a bit, if we have to work. We have to keep juggling between the wrong and right in our journey of life to keep moving forward because there is, really, no other alternative. 

The Juggle Of Wrong And Right

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