Every one of us is in a rush. Since the day begins, we start rushing from one task to another, from one spot to the other. How often do we take a moment to breathe?


Ironically, the only task we ignore to fulfill other tasks is the task needed to be fulfilled to fulfill other tasks. If you don’t breathe, how will you survive? 

Pacing up is not bad for sure. I do not condemn it but at times, if you ponder, it is unnecessary at the time being. There are some tasks that are urgent. Pace up to complete them. On the other hand, there are other tasks which will take a fixed amount of time to be accomplished, no matter how much you pace up. So, in this case, pacing up doesn’t help. 

You can always make and fulfill new goals but only if you survive. As I write this, I am trying to convince myself of the same because I am a workaholic person. Once I start a task, I keep thinking about it and I keep trying new ways to accomplish it. This habit has often made me physically sick because every work has some amount of stress attached with it and this stress is something my immune system (which has now become slightly weaker) cannot handle. 

So, to avoid such dire consequences, it is better to avoid stress as much as possible or to learn to cope with it. It is not as easy to do as to say and some of you, like me, I am sure will be dealing with anxiety issues but as the therapists, too, recommend, we can always find some time to breathe and ground. This need for speed is not always the road to success and certainly, not the priority before our health— mental, physical or spiritual. 

Need For Speed

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