You want to feel? Get engrossed in art. Soak yourself wet in it so much that even if you are rinsed, it still remains there within you, permeating your pores. For me, it is then when you live.


We don’t live lives, we live moments. Our lives are combinations of those moments piled together in a chronology. Moments of art, for me, are the moments of my life, when I live.

I feel at unrest when I am disconnected with art. I surely do deal with anxiety in this field too but the only way I mostly feel that I am and not roam around as derealised as ever is when my senses are receiving and practicing art, especially Music—whether listening or singing.

Pain that I feel is immense and immense pain and escaping from it makes me numb. Only way that I can bring myself back to feeling myself is art. Since Music is not as effective in this, writing helps me better. Therapy, still, remains the best because art can only be an escape but not the method of removal of the cause of pain or reduction of pain. Nevertheless, all of them, as I understand, share a common aim— to make me understand that I should feel my feelings and not suppress all of them due to various reasons.

Feel Your Feelings

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