This world is inverted. What you think you know is what you don’t know. The more self-aware you get, the more the toxicity and pretence that is acted around you all the time unveils itself. If you are unlucky and the truth never gets to be revealed to you, you live as a component carrying forward the cycle of toxicity —actively or passively. 


Who you think are crazy have all the correct answers to all the questions that can ever occur in human mind and even if they do not, they have the courage capability and humility enough to decode and share those mysteries with you. The toxicity, though, is constantly pressurising them against doing so because it is not in its norm. Therefore, the toxic people call the geniuses crazy.

You will know all of this only when you unveil the knowledge of toxic cycle that is transferred to you by your toxic ancestors to carry forward. This is the truth of inversion that is almost rooted in our society. Reinstating everything will take much time, effort, energy and mental peace but it is necessary and we are the only generation who can stop this toxic cycle once and forever.

The Truth Of Inversion

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