What do you do

when your mind lies to you,

when your brain cannot do

anything to explain

that whatever is happening

in the mind is not true?

It feels like your dream has come true.


When the anxiety attack ends,

it feels like maybe, it never happened.

I think that maybe, it is just because I overreact 

that I thought I was dealing with a heart attack.


My mind, when it loses sanity

makes me question my identity

and asks for the evidence

of my existence.


Everything around me

feels like a dream.

It seems like a mirage.

Mind creates situations to envisage.


It seems like a fight

between my brain and my mind

where my mind survives

and continues to exaggerate and lie.


It tells me that I am in danger

though there is nothing as such. 

I feel either nothing or too much.

Existing while not existing makes everything stranger. 


It never lets me relax

and never really goes away

but hides and stays

within my heart,

planning for the next attack. 



Dream Come True

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