Pain believes in equality. It doesn’t discriminate on the basis of age, gender or race. It just goes to everyone and spends time with all. So, don’t say that someone younger than you must not be in pain because you wil never get to know their complete story. 


Talking about pain gives you pain and not sharing it eats you up. You cannot be on either side. See, how much does it believe in equality that it gives choices, all of them which cause you immense suffering. Also, talking about pain exposes you to be a prey of a narcissist.

Anger is just the outrage of immense pain and not dysfunctionality of brain as people think or say. It is also not necessary that the children who have an angry were not ‘raised right’. Stop making fun of people’s pain. Everybody has tolerated some amount of pain in their lives. Try to be empathetic than judgemental. 

Our society teaches us that ‘crying is not the solution to anything’, ‘weak people cry’ and assumes that the one that is more physically built or emotionally outrageous is one to be wary of. It associates anger with power (which I agree with) or madness. It either validates or invalidates the emotion of anger which are both wrong because it can only be determined by the situation. 

But pain, it doesn’t care about society. It is that enemy that is illegally living in your heart and mind, who damages all that is within and at times, without. Everybody either doesn’t know about him or believes it to be another inseparable aspect of your personality. It is like a bone in the throat that you have to deal with.

It meets you anytime, anywhere, as he pleases. Your opinion doesn’t matter for this manipulative being and you can’t even cut it out of your life completely. When you meet it too for too long, you become numb. Now, either you cannot feel anything or you cannot meet any other emotion except him and this chokes your mind and breath altogether. It is that one toxic friend that removes all other from your life and prevents you from creating new. Though, he is heartily invited at your place by most of those friends only……. without your permission.

A Bone In The Throat

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