Broken children become damaged adults. Untended wounds dig deep and cut deeper. Unresolved problems turn into traumas. Unsaid words are released as outbursts. Dysfunctional families create dysfunctional society. This society hurts children to create dysfunctional adults.


Traumas don’t stop but increase as you keep growing—physically but unfortunately not completely because your mind is fixated at that one phase of your childhood that shapes your ideas, thoughts, the people you connect with, i.e., your circle. Unfortunately, often while running from toxicity, you end up in new cycles of toxicity because you become co-dependent on whoever seems like they care for you.

A child learns to avoid and repress her emotions when she sees that nobody is answering her plea for help, even if it seems as minor as helping with her homework. Not just parents but teachers are responsible for adaptation of such behavior by the child. When a child comes to complain the teacher or the parent about the bullying she is facing through the hands of her classmates, teachers either don’t pay attention to them or discard their complaint after listening to it or keeps no or minor punishment as compared to the problem that is to be dealt with. For example, she should take the children to the Principal of the school but she will merely ask them to say sorry and let them go. Parents, too, don’t pay heed to children’s problems or assume that their duty is done with when they asked the teacher to seek into the matter. They don’t even bother to check or ask again. And sometimes, when the child has accepted that nobody will help her, both parents and teachers become over- indulgent. 

We are living in a toxic society where the non-toxic people are called crazy or different but if each individual becomes like them, there will be no or little problem to face in their personalities and mind because these people are able to cut the cord of the cycle of toxicity and have shed the burden of being the one responsible for cutting toxicity too. That will be a beautiful life, without problems, as life should be (even if it is boring). 

Cut The Cord

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