How at peace

do I feel

when I sleep

and dream about good things.


It is good, too,

to have no dreams altogether.

When I feel that I have no

thoughts gathered

to ponder upon

in my unconscious.

I feel at peace then too.


I can feel the cool breeze

blow past me,

touching my body

and giving me a sense of tranquility,

just like it are my thoughts

who come and go as they please.


Going to sleep is a task too

and if it is passed through,

controlling the hours of sleep

and dealing with the fatigue

and body ache that I feel

after waking up are other works.


I love sleep

because it is a temporary escape

from all my problems

that I am trying to avoid.

Sleep is such a relief.

At least,

during my sleep,

I don’t have to consciously deal

with my painful thoughts

and feel helpless

when I am unable to stop.

It is an escape from the environment 

I am but don’t want to be in.



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