This is for the people who think that I am thinking that I have anxiety or just making up an imaginary problem. I have to reply because your ignorance is getting too much. You just don’t understand. Nail this down in your head before you speak to me again about my anxiety being imaginary.


It is not just in my head. You can see it reflected on my face. You can point it out in my habits. Just because you have a habit of lying to yourself, don’t ask or expect from me to lie to myself. If a truck is approaching from an opposite direction and you shut your eyes, you will not escape from the risk of getting hit by it.

I cannot just talk myself out of it all the time. Self-love is not enough to treat anxiety. I need external help from a counselor or a therapist because they are the people capable enough to understand my problem and solve it. Also, just because you have not faced a particular problem doesn’t make it invalid or non-existent. Everyone’s experiences are different so stop comparing yours with mine. As I said before, if you can’t empathise, shut up and leave. I am good on my own. 

You can say that I am making it up because you are not me. Hearing someone’s painful journey and living it are totally different experiences, so stop being ignorant and irritating me with it.

You have inherited ignorance in posterity but don’t need to carry the cycle forward. If you choose to be toxic because your parents were toxic, I will simply cut you off.  I will have to. This is no reason. Also, judging you, I will have to say that you are not an independent thinking being.

In addition, I would like to command you (because urging doesn’t affect you anymore) to stop reminding me of my shortcomings, past hurts and mistakes (lessons for me, mistakes for you). If you are stuck in the past, that doesn’t mean that I will be stuck too. 

This was strictly for the people who thought I was making up anxiety in my head. It is not in my head. If you notice, it is out of my head too. Don’t try to make me as toxic as you with your toxicity.

And for the people who empathise with me, understand me and support me in this journey of self-realization, thank you so much. I can’t express in words how grateful am I for your existence and support. I hope you will keep empathising with me similarly in the future as well. I think I am finding my family as I am getting older and all of the empathic readers are members of my family.

Out Of My Head

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