Right now, at this moment,

I am at peace.

It has been quite a while

since I have felt this emotion.


I am mindful

though not joyful.

My body temperature is cool.

I don’t feel the need to

talk to people around me

about what is going through,

right now, in my mind.


I am still feeling anxiety,

though mild and not severe.

I know with certainty

that it is just repressed, not cured. 

I have felt the same before. 


I feel good to find

that I am able to find

a person who can lend an ear

and transform my thinking, maybe, 

into something better

and I do not have to fear

of him being narcissistic or toxic.


I am thankful

that finally my emotions

got an outlet to be expressed

and are no more to be repressed.

After all these years 

of hurt and breakdowns,

finally I have got help 

and I am thankful

and feel really good

after a long break.





Towards Something Better, Maybe

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