Take me to a place

where people don’t support parents’ toxicity, 

where there is no blind faith

that whatever they do will be for our benefit. 


Parents judge to feed their pride 

and judgements and decisions

shaded by these

can never be right.


Take me to a place

where parents don’t treat their children 

as their projects and weapons 

to serve their jealousy and ego,

where children are independent 

to decide and cultivate 

their own fate

without giving a daily report

of their plans and progress

to their parents, 

where parents

don’t manipulate

the thoughts and emotions 

of their children

in the name of guidance, 

where everyone is dealing

with their individual struggle

but parents don’t lower

their confidence

by doing unnecessary comparisons,

where children don’t have to hide

their emotions 

to prevent being judged 

and lectured 

with no empathy or compassion, 

where their mental state

is not discarded 

by their parents,

where parents take 

responsibility for the damage

they, time and again, 

cause to their children

and change to be better. 


Take me to a place, 

where parents are not so fake,

where they smile at someone in one

and backbite about them 

in front of their children 

in another take—

as if they are on a theatrical stage—

and treat their children the same, 

where children

don’t have to mould or compromise 

their individuality, freedom and happiness

for their parents’ sake

or to serve their opinions and interests.

Take Me There

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