Save me, please, 

from my dark side.

She makes me think

whatever serves her need.


She tells me I am unworthy

and threatens my confident side.

Now, I am really exhausted

with this constant, tiring fight. 


She makes me doubt my worth, 

my talent and my skills. 

She makes me anxious 

and tells me that I am not

worthy enough to live.


Though, I did not borne her.

She is the result of the constant toxicity

spread by toxic people of the society

which linger around me

and constantly try to shatter

my self-worth by injecting anxiety

that they inhibited from the cycle

because they didn’t question, think

or feel the need

to cut out of it.


They are either narcissistic 

or low on their self-esteem 

which they try to cover 

by injecting their pessimistic 

and worthless thinking

in the people who carry a zeal

and spark of positivity.


She is not the demon

that I borne

but I want to kill her

to save my self-worth.


For that, I need

someone to help me. 

Help me, please. 

Save me, please.


Save Me From My Dark Side

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