My mind, soul and body—

all are exhausted.

It has been

a long time since they last rested.


There occurs a false belief

in my mind repeatedly

giving me temporary relief

when in between, I stop feeling grief,

that maybe, everything is solved

and there is nothing to resolve.


Though, the truth is that it lies

in the dark corner of my heart

and lies from the start

about its disappearance

while there it resides.


It, like always, makes a sudden reappearance 

when I least except it

and again, I have to go through a trial of acceptance 

of the qualities and abilities I don’t inhibit

and I go through the confusion

about the incident

that happened in my state of innocence, 

about what did not or did happen.


My soul is either anxious

or numb to feel anything conscious.

There is no state of balance.

I am running from the traumas 

that are remembered by my unconscious.

I listen to Music to escape.


This mental pressure 

along with social compulsion

leads to body’s immediate exhaustion

and destabilises my emotional composure.





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