Heal, little baby, patiently heal. 

Feel whatever you have to feel. 

There is no need to fear.

You are protected until I am here.


You may just be like a teddy bear

but as I have felt,

I don’t want you to feel scared.

Like mine, I don’t want your

wounds to left undealt.


You are still a child. 

Heal while you have time,

before your thoughts make you wild

resolve all guilt, shame or fear of crime.


May any person be its culprit,

don’t let your wounds sit

unhealed because they will prick

your soul forever and make you sick. 


Don’t grow up before your age.

Don’t let fear

and hurt turn into rage.

Believe me, you won’t be able

to get any revenge.

You will cut your wounds deeper

in the pursuit to avenge. 


Because the world, the laws, the people,

all are corrupt and unfair.

There is no justice granted here.

So, don’t hurt yourself further. 

Little baby, become your own healer. 

You need to stay faithful and true 

to your own soul

because there is nobody to care

for you except you.


Heal, Little Baby

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