If you believe firmly that you won’t be able to do it, certainly you will manifest the same into reality but if you believe that there is no harm in trying, maybe, nobody ever knows, you may succeed in achieving whatsoever your goal may be. Nevertheless, life goals are, indeed, far to reach.


There are a lot of problems in our lives and especially, if you aim to achieve a goal, it seems practically impossible for you to reach there because these problems pull you back and tie you in a particular point of time, making it impossible for you to move forward. 

The biggest problem ever is that if you have the potential and worse, if you work towards achieving your goals, everybody around you starts keeping unrealistic expectations from you, not just in work but beyond that. For instance, if you are the hard-working leader of the team, the members most likely don’t put in their best efforts because they know you will cover up their share of responsibilities to match the goal of the team and if you do this as a privilege, which it is, they consider it your duty, which it isn’t. Your good behavior towards them, no matter how toxic they may get, is an additional burden.  So, either work alone towards achieving a goal or if in a team, first let others do the work and then contribute your share of work to them. Don’t let them get off being lazy.

But all these problems exhaust your energy and frustrate your intentions. They make you give up pursuing your goal altogether. If this happens, zone out and relax until you regain your energy and peace of mind because that is what you seek in life ultimately. Believe in trying everything before giving it up altogether. You never know. It may work out wonderfully and may also reveal something about you— healed or unhealed aspects of your soul. The additional point in believing is that it doesn’t cost you much. You just need some courage to hold on to your correct belief and to release your negativity in order to manifest fully and rapidly. It is certainly not easy to achieve but beliefs and efforts can make anything possible.

Far To Reach


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