High expectations,

deadlines to meet,

scales to reach,

targets to achieve,

colleagues to compete,

makes work, at times, a difficulty.


Resting is often

assumed as being lazy.

Competition is making people competent

but breaking the sense of community.

Work has become a necessity.

Before self, it is considered a priority.


Often people have to do

jobs that they don’t want to

but have to because they need to do 

them to earn more money

because with competition, 

desires, too, have increased,

no matter how much,

we rarely achieve satisfaction.

This attitude and thinking pattern, 

too, is inculcated by work pressure. 


We need to come back

to our ground reality

that work is a part

and living in life is a necessity.

If your passion is your work

or vice versa,

you can achieve your goals

at your own speed.

There is no need to hurry.

When work pressure makes you

fall to the ground,

you need to cut off, unwind and to

connect to the ground.





Work Pressure

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