Yesterday, I reached out for help. 

They said they will help me.

Now, I feel at peace

after eternity.


But I will not back out. 

I will not cancel the appointment

that is planned for the next week, 

not because I will have to compensate

but because I want to heal


from this recurrent

state of severe anxiety.


It is a new experience.

I look forward to my counselling.

I am excited to know

what I am without it,

how is it to live happy and fit

in essence and not just to show.


This is what I want,

this is what I need,

this is what I seek,

a permanent relief

from pain, grief

and a cloud of uncertainty 

always lingering behind me

which prevents me 

from taking decisions 

with full confidence.


I also want to know and learn

how to cut from sources who concern

my mind with unnecessary fear


who trigger 

my mind with their anxieties

because I am sure

this state of anxiety

will return

as always

without proper healing

and I will not know

how to deal with it.


I seek reassurance

and empathy

along with assistance

in my recovery

towards a mind without severe anxiety.

Therefore, I am eagerly

looking forward

to my first session of counselling. 


Grabbing The Helping Hand

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