I have nothing much to write about my family because they are not even worth thinking about. They are the cause of my severe anxiety and they are the reasons of all the problems that I have ever faced. They had always failed as a parent. They are just my caretakers, not my parents.


There is no emotional attachment with them. They never fail to make me feel how heavy a burden am I on them because they are forced to pay the bills of everything related to me have they now committed the crime to give birth to me. A thing I know for sure is that they are certainly not my parents because no sane parents treat their children with such toxicity like my ‘parents’ (apparently that is what I have to call them for now) inject in me.

Unlike good parents, my caretakers keep a record and keep reminding me of how much money I had to spend on them and how many times have I disappointed them because apparently, my successes don’t matter and I am only a cause of trouble. All the help they give in any way has to be counted as a favor by them on me and not their duty.

I am caged because I have to live in their home and have no money of my own to support myself. Death would have been better than living with such selfish creators. None of the famous quotes about parents apply on my caretakers. I can’t cry, can’t have a relationship and if I have that, I am judged. They really want to kill me but in ways that anyone can point them out as my criminals.

Now, unfortunately, that they have got to know that I think (because they are stupid to not believe the online tests of certified institutions) that I have anxiety, they will leave no leaf unturned to make me feel like I am crazy and different from them. Who do you fight with when your biggest enemies are your parents? Having no parents is better than having such life-taking caretakers.

Life-Taking Caretakers

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