Run, if not

then walk, if not

then crawl.

One day you will have it all.


Just don’t stop.

Be on the move.

You will prove

to reach and stay on the top.


Maybe, the next step ahead

is what you need

to bring you out of dread

and which will give you a lead

about where and how to go instead

to accomplish your deed.


Turn your life apparently

or actually topsy-turvy 

if it fulfills your need.

Start with a new beginning.


Start anew every time

you feel like you are on the dead end.

Grab all opportunities.

Then, if you think, in all the ways, you have tried,

if you really feel done

and tired from the strife

with no further positivity,

you can always end your life.

Don’t live or die with regrets.


Be On The Move

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