Achieving your goals is good but not being able to achieve a goal never means that you are a failure. Both the ideas are not inversely proportional. You should try to make new goals after defeating the previous ones but there is no timeline to define your success. You should pursue your goals only if they don’t affect your physical or mental health adversely but give a zeal to live.


Moreover, goals are of many kinds. If you are moving even a bit forward in achieving any of your goals, no matter if the steps seem to be insignificant, you are doing good. Celebrate each step as you head towards the success of your goal.

If you are wondering, having no goal is also alright. Also, your goal can be to live a happy life or simpler, to survive or live. Your goal can be anything— from challenging yourself to motivating others. Whatever it is, pour your heart into achieving it. Even if you don’t reach the target, the journey will make you feel better about yourself.


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Achieving Your Goals

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