Many-a-times, my friends say that they don’t understand where I stand but I am not biased towards one particular category. I support what is right irrespective of gender and other considerations. In case of atrocities, I support the one who is actually aggrieved and they can be any sex.


The first and foremost consideration for me is always humanity. What is approved and supported by my intuition and what doesn’t harm anyone’s human rights is correct according to me. I do not go by what is supported by the laws because they differ and at times, are biased and need amendments. 

I am not a leftist or rightist. I focus on the basic principles of the constitution of any institution. If it is politics, I see who is practical and not focusing on uplifting one section of the society by snatching the opportunities hard-earned by another section of society. I support what is right by all aspects and definitions and I am proud of my decision.

On The Right Side

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