This is the third year of my college and not even one day in these years have I willingly wished to attend it. Due to the first two years of college, my social life has almost become non-existent. I don’t really feel that what I read, even if I read the whole novel, will help me in future after I graduate. My mind keeps wandering over art of all kinds.


I don’t like my college because I expected change in my life when I joined it but on the contrary, it never makes me feel like I am in college but in school. My senior school, rather, was more liberating and college-like than my college. I had the same experiences as I had in my school. I never liked a girls school or college and studying in this college proved my opinion to be true.

I have not expressed my talents and hobbies in college much yet people know me there for my singing and writing. Though, there are no ventures in these fields in my college as such which can motivate me to involve in my college more. It has a toxic aura with it. I like to be anywhere but in my home or college. Though, college is better in this case.

Last year, I thought that maybe, my college is not as boring as I have presupposed it to be. I tried to involve in as many functions and events that happened, as an audience or a performer. I even stayed a little longer when other people performed to watch their performance but all of this, too, couldn’t make me think otherwise of my college. In addition, despite attending almost all the lectures of almost all the subjects and teachers, my attendance was still low. On the top of that, within two and a half months of the third semester, all the teachers who taught really well left the college and adjusting with the new teachers took up all the time left. 

I certainly have received some amount of liberation and new good and bad experiences due to my college. I have traveled some places with or without my friends due to my college and that is good. Though, these are the happenings outside the college. I even love traveling in Delhi Metro despite all the problems. I even enjoy its journey but I don’t like the aura, the happenings or anything about my college specifically. The lecturers behave like school teachers. We don’t call our lectures lectures but classes (that we had in school). This doesn’t mean that other people don’t enjoy in my college as well. This is my personal experience.

This is a general blog with no specific message attached to it. What I feel, I write and I am feeling all of this persistently since three years. Like my Music class, blogging is my safe space where I feel I can share what is truly in my heart. Of course, many people would have felt like I have. I just couldn’t hold it in so I shared it here. You may rightly discard this a useless blog. So, here is my boring college ranting.

My Boring College Ranting

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