Acknowledge. Appreciate. Aspire for better. This is the three step process of growth in our life. Acknowledge all the mistakes as lessons and all the opportunities you are presented with. Appreciate what you have and can achieve right now but never fear from pushing your limits to unravel the unknown potential you have. Always try to be better than now.


We toil to achieve the best of our abilities. We invest in them to produce the best work but we don’t appreciate ourselves enough when we achieve the target. This can happen because we still think that we can strive more, when we really can’t, because we have seen someone else strive harder than us. We chase the next target.

Striving is good but striving to outshine the best of other people’s abilities is an unhealthy thought and practice. The only competitor we should have is our old self who needs some more rectification.

All the three steps are vital to follow to grow. They are healthy steps which are not talked about. Instead, you are told that not attaining certain rank, degree or admission makes you less worthy. You don’t need to follow ways toxic to your health to attain a certain state of ‘having it all’. Monetary growth is worthless if it is inversely proportional to mental health. If you feel that you are positively growing, it is enough.

The Three-Step Process Of Growth

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