How often we do not live in the moment? We dwell in the past or dream of our future. That is good but we need to recognize that thinking of yesterday and tomorrow is superficial and acting today is real.


Most of the times, our minds and bodies do not sync. As in, we are physically present in one place but our thoughts are wandering in some other situation that we may find ourselves in.

When I switched off my mobile for 1 hour, for a few minutes, my mind kept wandering over many thoughts simultaneously. After some time, though, at a particular point of time, I started to live where my body was. I started to notice every thing happening around me. I started to notice about my thoughts that came through in my mind each moment of each day that I had lived till then.

I noticed that my mind was present where my body was. For those 30-40 minutes, I didn’t think much about anything. I realised that I could control my thoughts and that how easy it was to control all my habits. Those were my moments of mindfulness. I was neither happy nor sad or anxious. I was actually at peace.

Another time when I experienced mindfulness was recently in my music class when I was recovering from anxiety. I knew what was happening in the class and I was peacefully enjoying by watching my guru teach kids and hearing the kids sing. I was not stressed about my performance. I was enjoying and taking in all that my guru said in the class— from his experiences to his teachings.

A moment of mindfulness is a moment of bliss, at least for an anxious person like me. It is a solution to most of the problems that arise because active mind will solve all the problems almost immediately since it has no preoccupations to be bothered about. Mindfulness brings solutions and with it, peace.


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