A new chapter is awaiting you. Turn the page. A new story awaits you to be read and tingle your senses. A roller-coaster ride is ready to take you on board. An unknown adventure awaits to be unraveled.


You may not enjoy it from the beginning because it may seem to be boring but keep reading further and you will start relishing its flavors. You will feel the ups and downs and stagnation of the chapter. Don’t stop without reading the whole chapter. You never know when the interesting section may appear.

You may be introduced to some new people and places. Some may seem good and even prove to be a part of the rest of the novel. Others may seem like they are your friends and that they want your good or that they think the same as you but later, may prove to be a hindrance for your growth and play the role of antagonist instead of supporting role in the plot.

At times, you will not understand the logic of the twist and turns in the plot but all except some will make sense once you finish reading the chapter. Then, you will feel the adventure in the whole chapter. You will read the same chapter many times and imagine about the happenings written in it until you wake up and realise that it is time to turn the page and let go of the attachment to this chapter because it no longer serves your highest good. You will turn the page and see another new chapter in front of you awaiting to be read and felt.

A New Chapter

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