According to me, sign language is the most egalitarian language. A language just for the purpose of communication. It cannot make the other individual decipher and behave according to the other person’s roots, region and nationality. There is no possibility of any riots or inequality in this language. It only serves the purpose of a language. It is an ancient language, present in the roots of humanity.


Language may be slavery but it is freedom too— slavery to the nation where the language we are communicating in originated from and freedom to release and express our thoughts and opinions. Typical sign language has its boundaries too because not all can decode it but using universal or daily symbols to communicate doesn’t present any problem.

People of all ages understand some common gestures and symbols. Newborns and toddlers communicate through facial expressions and signs with those who have the knowledge of words. At times, even these symbols and gestures are not needed. People are able to communicate even without outwardly expressing anything. It is a language of feelings. Hence, according to me, it is an egalitarian language beautiful in its own way.

The Egalitarian Language

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