A child doesn’t seek fulfilment unlike us. She is happy in whatever she gets. Fulfilment is an acquired feeling that the society imposes on us. A child doesn’t has a responsibility to behave in a particular way in a society until she remains a child.


Society associates having a well-paying job, being so busy that you wear your mind and body out with living a successful and fulfilled life but if it is so, why do often feel that something is missing? What allows the void to make a space? 

Society doesn’t teach us to associate with our best self without a purpose to attain money or fame through it. It tells us to chase the hollow and forget the real. It actually asks, teaches and at times, forces us to treat our essential being as the last in our priority list, that we come after our work and duties which is completely wrong and reversed. 

Society makes us feel that we are not sufficient or adequate. A system of following intuitions can make a true society unlike the presently toxic one. If only you need to know the difference between right and wrong, seek within. Let your intuition guide you. It will make you righteous.

Society And Us

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