It is ok to not have a purpose in life. Nobody and nothing validates your life except you. You define your purpose anyways. Your purpose might not seem to be a purpose to someone else but if it doesn’t harm or hurt someone, including yourself, you should ignore the opinions of others.


Everybody around you, especially if you are a student or a child living with your family, will tell you what an ideal purpose of life is or should be. Don’t listen to them. They don’t know either. Honestly, they are seeking the truth themselves. They are just like you and you are one among the crowd of the seekers of some truth which their soul seeks.

Everything you do by listening to your intuition leads you to where you should be or better said, where you are meant to be. Listen to everyone because you will get a lot of options of thoughts to decide from or to shape your ideas in some way but don’t let them govern over your true potential and happiness. 

Know for sure, if you are following your intuition and not causing hurt to others, your life does have a direction and the paths you choose to walk will lead you somewhere that may be better than where you are. Just keep moving. At a certain point of time, all the dots will join and almost every situation in your past will start making sense to you. You might not know it but your life always has a purpose. When you are wrong, it is to teach you and others what not to follow. If you are right, it is to inspire others to be good and to tell you what is best for you. Everything has a purpose that a life is given to them and even if you feel that there is no purpose of anything altogether, your perspective is to be equally respected.

Purpose Of Life

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