I am on a journey of discovering myself every moment. This journey has taught me a lot and the lessons have changed me for the better yet some things that I really need to learn for my growth are yet to be achieved and will certainly take more time to rectify because I have been practicing them as parts of my personality since most of the life I have lived uptil now.


I have to learn to not beat myself out in the pursuit of perfectionism. I need to let go of the habit of being hard on myself even when I am praised by others for the same task. As I practice a healing and optimistic outlook for others, I need to direct it towards myself as well.

I need to recognize that I am doing the best I can. I need to stop letting my father’s lack of confidence on me affect me from refraining to practice the best of my potential. I need to stop letting anxiety and negativity take over me and rather replace it with healing and self-confidence. I am already beating procrastination one day at a time.

To develop a new habit takes equal effort as to leave a toxic habit because habits become a part of our personality and leaving a habit feels like leaving a part of your personality forever. I have to break my bad habits of 15 years. Certainly, it will take time for me to achieve that but slowly, with faith, patience and hard work, I will reach there. I will certainly meet a new and better me.

Meeting The New Me

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