I am a whole, identified, fulfilled being. I don’t need recognition from others but myself for my validation. I know who I am and its what and why. No career or passion fulfills me. Everything surrounding me is identified by me and not the other way round. Even if I don’t do anything, I will not become any less of myself.


At a very basic level, I am an individual trying to identify my levels of consciousness, especially my unconscious. I am a curious being who wants to know what lies veiled by the anxieties injected and infected by the patriarchal society in me. I might even change my name in the future if it feels too societal or patriarchal. If my name is my identity, I will choose what I identify myself as and nobody, not even my parents, have the right to question my decision. For example, my parents have named me Aakanksha and Saloni but I feel that the name Shayna suits me better and I would like to call myself Shayna.

I decide what is right for my body. I decide when to strive and when to relax for my better. I decide whether tight and fitting or lose and casual clothes suit me. I decide whether I would diet strictly or change my diet without compromising with my taste if I choose to lose weight. Everyone else can suggest me but not decide on my behalf. 

My decisions and thoughts are mine and mine alone. I practice my individual autonomy. I am responsible for the decisions I take on my discretion or intuition. I am a free spirit who cannot be stopped or controlled until I allow you to. I can adhere, conform or reform the already established rules and system if I find them to be morally wrong. I decide what among them can be applied on me or whether they can be, at the first thought. I am an autonomous being holding all the rights and control over me.


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