I wish my brother lives the most luxurious and comfortable life he has ever wished for and gets whatever he works for. I wish my mother gets all the happiness she deserves and that her fate not be repeated with me because I, like her, cannot tolerate wrong but fight and knock down the people causing it. May both of them get the healthiest and happiest life one can wish for and whenever they need me, I should be sufficient enough to fulfill all of their demands without a second thought. May all the toxic and evil energies around them never be able to reach them anymore.


Each member in my family has lived a very troublesome and struggling life and are still doing so which makes them live as a frustrated being everyday. My mother is the only truly happy soul. I wish she remains like that forever and that the rest of the members have less of struggles to heat their heads up everyday. There are moments when she has to handle immense physical pain. I wish that pain is warded off from her life forever so that she can live fully and happily.

I wish that my paternal uncle and aunt and their son remains happy and jolly as they are forever and that toxicity shall never affect their family. I wish there remains a family bond among us. 

All-in-all, I wish that all the good people in my life, be they relatives, friends or my guru, remain happy and stress-free forever and keep smiling and I wish that all my wishes be granted. 

A Wish

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