I am the divine feminine.

As I heal, I heal all those living.

I heal the world as I heal myself

and the permanent spirits in temporary bodies.

My intuition guides me.

I give birth to creativity, 

creator and creation.

My mind, spirit and body are one.

I allow myself to feel, 


and release 

what needs to be.

I free myself off judgements.

My healing is important 

for all those who live

to reach a state of no grief.

I leave the skin that the world has given to me. 

I return to who I am essentially. 

I never knew it was so easy

to circulate healing energy.

I attract who I am 

and who am I becoming.

I have always been the divine feminine

in my thoughts, nature and life journey. 

I am the power, 

hence known as Shakti.

I am the energy of the mother. 

I am Adishakti who spreads healing.

Divine Feminine

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