You never know how much time you spend with someone until one day when you find them gone. Sometimes, you don’t even get the answers to the questions that arise with their exit. Then, you get trapped in the ideas of ‘could have’s’ for a while.


But then, why should I worry for the troubles of tomorrow? I can make the best of today and repeat it everyday that awaits me. Who needs to leave will certainly leave, now or later. Why not accept it and spend the best of time with them while they are with you? The apprehension may never become real. Even the next moment of today is uncertain. Why not enjoy the plot instead of fretting over unraveling or changing the end?

When you know when you have to part yourself with them and the cycle is complete, you accept the reality easily and happily but if the cycle breaks before its time, it causes you pain and trouble.

When someone means a lot to you, when you feel utter respect for them, tell them while they are with you and remind them of it often. Don’t wait for an occasion or a day to praise them because you cannot be sure whether you will be able to tell them that on that day and whether that day will surely come or not. At times, people undervalue themselves and lose their sense of self-worth. They might even feel taken for granted. Maybe, your appraisal and gratitude can return their interest in the concerned subject matter and make them feel worthy. It can help them see the light beyond the darkness of self-doubt. Do what you can do now, right at this moment, make the best of it because that is all you really have. 

Best Of Now

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