Pursuing your passion for years persistently takes a lot of courage. Everyone romanticises pursuing one’s passion. Nobody really talks about the tough phases one has to go through to pursue smaller goals of one’s passion. 


You will not love your passion at all times and that is okay. It might even give you a sense of being stuck in your life at a particular phase but it can also be a reason to sustain your survival. At one point of time, you may feel that you are stuck and your growth is stagnant. It may or may not be so in reality but you will feel so for sure.

There comes a time when toxicity takes over our mind. We start finding the troubles that pursuing our passion has caused and is causing at the moment to us. We find reasons to quit it altogether. We may even start to agree with the thoughts of those who posed questions to us like ‘What would you gain by doing this?’ or ‘Why this?’ or ‘X will pay you more or is better’ or ‘You can’t live your whole life based on this passion of yours’ and likewise. 

But you know in your heart that you just cannot leave it. You know that the only light that sparks a fire in your soul is your passion. Even if people can’t see you pursuing your passion, this is the only thing that makes you feel alive. It just never leaves you even if you (seemingly) leave it. Though, your passion is not your life but constitutes a place after your life. You live your best life when you live your passion. No other hobby or adventure makes you feel so alive and in communication with your best self as pursuing your passion, your heart’s true drive. Pursuing your passion makes many aspects of your personality meet you. 

A Fire In Your Soul

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