I don’t believe that God exists but energies which vibrate from one soul to another. I believe in the messages of the cosmos because I have been receiving them. There is no God because I have never experienced him or her. I have felt the energies and vibrations and frequencies change. Therefore, I believe that energy exists.


If I chant a mantra or aum, it is not to pray but an attempt to raise my soul to a frequency where it can catch peaceful vibrations. The stories about various Gods are still fables for me but I have started learning more about many aspects of God’s stories which are unheard and hardly discussed. I don’t chant any mantra to please any God but to quiet my mind and most importantly, because mantras are music. Music helps me reflect on my spirituality and the thoughts and feelings I hold in my unconscious. I still believe in right and hard work. 

I don’t do anything I am asked to in the name of god without thinking rationally. I use my reasoning because my spirituality doesn’t make me any less of a rational being. The reasons I am an atheist still remain intact and hence, until those reasons are justified, I am not going to believe that there is any god but energies. Being spiritual and being an atheist can co-exist. Spirituality is believing. I believe in self and the best of self. There is a balance. I don’t believe in the extremes. Hence, I am a spiritual atheist. 

Spiritual Atheist

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