Don’t be too hard on yourself. At times, you love your work but it burdens you and takes away your happiness. You get into a dilemma whether to leave the job and take a break or persevere. At that moment, take it easy. Not everything needs to go on a decided pace at all times. You may cover up for the pending tasks later when you have vitality enough to invest in it. 


Make a list of things you have to do by the end of the year. A long-term goal will release your stress to deal with daily hassles. Don’t worry. Some days, when you would want to invest double hard work, you will cover up all that is pending automatically. You only need to trust your capabilities. 

Work everyday to achieve your goals bit-by-bit. No project is completed in a day. Follow the process at your own pace. Plan, act and re-act. Most importantly, reward yourself after each small accomplishment during your work. It will enhance your sense of self-worth and inspire you to achieve more. 

Be proud if people around you appreciate your hard work. Don’t become under-confident while practicing humility. You can be confident and humble at the same time. Love your work and do what you love to do. Take essential breaks in between or else you will break down. 

If you have a duty and cannot quit but the job seems to be a bit toxic to you and you cannot take a leave even for a day, surround yourself with such people at your home who release your stress. Practice a hobby after returning home which you don’t mind doing for hours. Just ponder for the rest of the day, if that rejuvenates your mind. 

You are your priority. You can give your best only if you feel at your best. Take care of your mental health, rest will follow. A happy mind will result in a happy body. If all that surrounds you is negative, you can turn it into positive. It is not easy to do but not impossible as well. Let the things be. Let them flow at their own pace. Just flow with the flow. 

Flow With The Flow

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