I am a woman. I am supposed to be the bread earner of the family. I can’t choose to sit back without earning because I have to feed my parents and my husband, if I get married. My asset, anyways, is calculated by the package I earn unlike the men who are selected on the basis of their ability to cook and manage household, way they carry themselves with clothes and makeup, etc.


I am one among the 532 million in India and 50.4% all over the world opposite to the men who are 497 million in India and 49.6% all over the world.

I consider it my right to touch any man’s body, especially if he is in a relationship with me or is married to me. I mean, what are they for if not sex? There are some other women who believe in equality but what is marital rape? Why do men marry if they have to start claiming their rights after that?

Men have seats reserved for them. What use is equality if they favor one gender over the other? I get paid higher than men for the same work because I am a woman. I have the full freedom to roam around in the streets in the middle of the night or party all night long with nobody to question me.

Did I get my facts wrong or are they just reversed? Is the functioning of this society inverted or are we living as we should? Is this a state of equilibrium or disbalance? Can we achieve a state of equilibrium? Does this reversal vanish when we think of each sex as a human and should society function like this? Think about it. 


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