We can do a lot daily to be pro-environment while doing our work smoothly and efficiently. Plastic is not the solution to everything. It is not the most affordable and practical material to create products of our daily use.


If we want to use waterproof bags, polythene is not the only solution to it. For the dry days, we can use paper bags and for the rainy ones, we can use bags made of leaves. Leaves are waterproof which will serve our purpose and when the bag deteriorates, it will be environment-friendly when thrown away. You don’t need to pay to buy leaves, do you?

There are biodegradable plastic bags available online. You can use them too but it will be better if all kinds of plastic are destroyed once and for all. You can accompany jute bags for the dry days.

You can save water even when it is not raining. You can store water that is released by the RO pipe on a daily basis and use it for everything except drinking and preparing food. You can also store the waste water of air conditioners and use it as battery water for your inverters or generators. 

There are many ways in which we can save a lot of resources like money and water. We just need to to be vigilant enough to observe them and practice resource-saving methods. We can actually serve ourselves and the Earth at the same time while not compromising with anyone’s needs and happiness. Being pro-environment, pro-Earth beings wouldn’t harm for sure. 


Pro-Earth Beings

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