Patriarchy cannot handle a girl like her. She says she won’t get married. Patriarchy supposes that each male is born to serve his wife through money and each female is born to serve her husband through her services. She is not a patriarchal woman certainly.


She loves children but doesn’t like to borne them. She may adopt them as a single mother and teach them that a woman or a man doesn’t need a man or a woman to complete them or she may choose to live without children. They are not a necessity. She lives happily as she celebrates her wholeness in each moment of her life and her each action. She walks on her journey without adhering to the societal norms which hinder her personality from flourishing.

She doesn’t feel the need of a man in her life. She doesn’t believe in the concept of ‘other’ or ‘better’  half but she knows that she is a complete person and that no other person can complete her.

She doesn’t get bored as she is busy living her best life. She is thankful for her lessons and doesn’t regret behaving good to a person who later turns out to be bad or toxic. She still makes new friends and believes in behaving good to people but by being a bit more careful than before.

She loves her work. Her dreams are full of achieving her career and personal goals instead of doing household chores as a married woman. She doesn’t demean or condemn household work or married life. It is just not meant for her. She can only get married if she finds a man who is capable of being committed to her for the lifetime and more such qualities and she doesn’t adjust or settle below that.

She is anxious about a lot of things that she knows and doesn’t know. She is curious and zealous and tired and in dire need of rest at all levels at the same time. Whatever she chooses to buy turns out to be the most expensive of the category but she saves thousands of money by collecting 10/-, 20/-, 100/- rupees notes.

She hates sex but loves masturbation. She loves providing her service, only if it is not labeled as her duty. She knows she deserves respect and where that is not granted to her, she leaves once and for all. She doesn’t settle just to let patriarchy win.

She can live her best and the happiest life without a man and even if she chooses to marry, she will do that only to live with him and to give him a sense of being equal to her.

She is confident about who she is and in whatever clothes or moods she wears. She is proud of what she believes in, who she is and what she is becoming. 

She doesn’t let any person, profession or passion define her. She is what she believes she is. She respects and remembers all who had supported her some time in her life, whatever the way may be and even if they have turned out more harm than good to her. She remembers and inculcates the good and tries to filter out the bad but still some of it seeps in and injects anxiety into her mind. When she feels anxious, she just wants her responsible self to take charge and support her and does not seek another person because she knows the y won’t understand her as good as she understands herself. She is always there for herself. She is a woman one of a kind. She is me.

One Of A Kind

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