My work doesn’t define me. My college is not my identity. What defines me is what I think of myself. My beliefs shape my identity. No man’s or woman’s surname who is older, younger to equal to me in age defines my identity.


My self-concept is who I am and that is why I am fluid. What I can be described as now will change later in my life. It is not defined by the kind of people I am surrounded with. My self-concept keeps changing as I keep experiencing more and communicate with various other selfs roaming around me.

I am, for sure, a constantly evolving being. My names may change as I will. Only I will consider that because then, I will have to change it on all the legal documents I possess with my current name and that will be a heavy task to do for a lazy person as me who doesn’t consider it worth my efforts.

You can’t define me as a possessor of a certain element. Sometimes, I am angry on which a certain chakra of my body is activated. At other times, I am calm where my mind chakra will be activated. When I am emotional, my heart chakra is activated.

I am beyond a body or language and other terms defined by the society. You can communicate with me even in silence about feelings that cannot be described in words.

I am a collection of energies, like all of us. I vibrate differently on different occasions with different people for various reasons. I am me, unapologetically. I embrace my mistakes as a part of learning. I evaluate and do the right because my conscience drives me. I am proud of who I am and what I am becoming, no matter what someone else thinks about me. In the end, howsoever, opinions don’t matter to me. I am clear about my self-concept and that is enough.

Who Am I?

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