“So, I took out my gun and shot him. He fell on the floor. Dead. He should have listened when I warned him. He left me with no choice.” She said.


He looked at the dead body laying in front of him—a good-looking young man literally fallen to ashes.  What could he do? There was no escape but to listen to her unless he found the key to the door lock.

“Oh! How much I loved him—by my flesh and soul. What did he give me in return, though? He shouted at me! Can you imagine? A man is not supposed to behave like that. What kind of an upbringing he had, I don’t know. His father should have told him that a man is supposed to be docile and conforming. His behavior was so not masculine. So inhuman!” She continued to speak while he had no choice but to listen to her with his mouth shut.

He looked at her. She continued to speak while caressing the head of her deceased husband’s corpse, “He didn’t let me touch him. I mean, I am his wife….well…was. What I want to say is that as his wife, I am entitled to do whatever I want to his body….mind…soul. I will miss him.” Her expression turned grave as she said that.

He tried to move a bit away from the dead body and her but froze as she stared up at his face all of sudden. Her eyes terrorised him.

“Are you afraid?” She asked.

“N…no. Why would I be?” He tried to speak in one breath.

“I tried to be as tolerant as I could be. He returned home late from work. Men are just not supposed to stay out of home for so long. It is so unsafe, you know?” She continued to speak.

“Of course.” He gulped.

“He never understood but I cared for him. What did I do wrong if I shut him up in his room and didn’t allow him to leave until it was daytime? I just loved him so much,” She again caressed the forehead of the deceased, “he never understood it though. He didn’t even inform me of his whereabouts. I could have lost him. I had to trace him because I loved him so much. What’s wrong with that?”

“Everything. This is toxic femininity. You are a female chauvinist and a psychopath. A threat to all females…..and males, of course. You could have chosen to leave. You could have filed for a divorce, separated from him, lived somewhere away from him, maybe found a partner who fell into your category of needs and desires. Why did you kill him, for God’s sake?” He said in an infuriated but shaky voice, gathering up courage.

“How could I have left him? He cannot stay without me. He is unable to breathe if I am away from him. He needs me so much. What would he do without me? I love him from the core of my heart. How could I have left him?” She said as she kept caressing the forehead of the corpse.

“That is so not right.” He said in a shaky voice. “He had an equal right to live his life as he wanted, without a female controlling his thoughts and moves.”

“He would have derailed. One needs to control a man. Men are like children. They need to be regulated. They are not supposed to think of themselves. They can’t. They are inferior. They just don’t know how to do things. You think a man can be equal to a woman? Never.” She replied coldly with a smirk.

“Whatever it may be. That doesn’t give you the right to kill him.” He tried to say in a louder voice.

“Men are born to serve women and when they don’t do that right, they deserve to be punished.” She said, glaring into his eyes.

He didn’t pull back instead roared in a chirpy way, “You really need to consult a psychiatrist.”

“Every man like you thinks that a loving wife is a psychopath.” The smirk on her face did not fade and scared and annoyed him.

“That. Is. Not. Love.” He said aggressively.

“I just want my work done as, when and how I want. Also, never raise your voice in front of me, man.” She said smirking as she saw the body. 

He creeped backwards. Hesitating, he said, “You could have taught him or done the work yourself. A person should be able to do his or her own work, I think.”

“Oh! You think? What a wonderful surprise! But you know what? He deserved to die.” 

“He didn’t.”

“He asked for it.”

“Clearly not.”

“I am a woman. Don’t you dare forget that. What I did is right. Women can never do anything wrong. We are taught that since our birth.”

“You are inconsiderate, insane, inhuman.”

“What I did is completely correct. It is my right to control or lose control over my husband. I can treat him as per my mood and he is supposed to tolerate all of it. I earn for him after all.” She boasted in a haughty manner.

“You don’t possess right over someone because you support them financially. A person alone possesses control over himself or herself.” He said, disgusted. 

“I would have borne his child. What use is his phallus without my womb? I would have created his family. He had to serve me. He owed me his service. That is what a husband is for. He failed and was punished as a consequence.” She said coolly with a sense of right. 

“So, you killed him to punish him?” He asked in disgust, looking at the corpse in front of him with pity. 

“If that answers your queries, well, yes.”

“Husband and wife are companions. They are competitors and certainly are not made to serve each other.” He said. 

“Wives aren’t, certainly.”

“None is.”

“Do you think so?”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”

“That is imbalance.”

“Balance….it is.”

“Do you say so?”


“Well…now, since there is nothing to be balanced, everything is balanced. My marriage has finally reached the state of balance.” She said, smirking.  




A State Of Balance

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