You can choose to grow up in the aspects where you need to and think and act like a kid in the rest. You don’t need to always reminisce childhood memories when you can remain a child forever.


You should think like a kid. No joke. Have you ever noticed that at times, many scholars who are thought to be really intelligent are unable to solve problems because they get in a habit of thinking about everything after complicating them? If you give the same problem to a child to solve and make him understand the basic principles and facts of the problem, he will solve it without taking much stress and maybe, almost immediately.

When you can walk straight and reach from A to B, why would you deliberately walk in a zig-zag way to reach your destination? Our society glorifies tough journeys but doesn’t tell that taking the easy way can sometimes save your energy and time to get the exact same results which you can utilise to achieve some other aim.

Kids see the positive side. They have their own set of responsibilities yet they are unaware of the malice and deceit which make them kids. They see the easiness and brighter now. We all have a kid inside all of us. Sometimes, if you need an advice in the times of difficulties, just sit and have a conversation with your inner child. Unless they have not been forced to lose their voice by the pressures of society, they will provide the right advice to you. 

Stay A Kid

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